शुगर को जड़ से खत्म करने के लिए क्या खाना चाहिए?

शुगर को जड़ से खत्म करने के लिए क्या खाना चाहिए?


  • Blood pressure and diabetes are such diseases which completely change the life of man and woman. When there is a disease of sugar, there is a deficiency of insulin in the body. Some people take English medicine to control and treat Type 1 and 2 sugar, but you can also treat sugar at home with Ayurvedic medicine, home remedies and home remedies. Along with the treatment to reduce diabetes, it is important to know what to eat and what not to eat in sugar.

Sugar which is also known as diabetes is generally a disease caused due to poor lifestyle. If your lifestyle is not correct, eating habits are not healthy and there is lack of exercise etc. then your chances of getting sugar increase. That’s why first of all we need to take care of food habits and physical labor etc. 


what to do if you have diabetes

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  • due to diabetes
  1. In diabetes, always eat food on time and instead of eating food again and again, eat well only once.
    • 2. Don’t eat sweets and if you want to eat sweets, eat sweets without sugar and don’t eat that too much. 3. A person suffering from diabetes should not remain hungry for a long time and also should not keep fast. 4. Eat some salad before eating and always eat slowly and after chewing. 5. Stay away from alcohol, beer and any other type of intoxication. 6. People who eat more junk food are more likely to have sugar. The reason for this is that there is more fat in such food items, due to which more calories increase in the body and obesity starts increasing, insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity in the body and the level of sugar starts increasing. 7. Diabetes is also a genetic disease, which means if parents in the family have diabetes, then their children are also more likely to have this disease.

      8. Obesity and overweight people are more prone to diabetes . 9. Not doing physical labor is also one of them. The routine of some people is such that they work sitting at one place and neither take out time for exercise.

  1. Being under stress all the time or being affected by depression. 11. Sugar can also be caused by smoking, tobacco or any other intoxicant. 12. Excessive consumption of medicines can also happen. Often in case of any disease, we start taking medicines without consulting the doctor. Taking any English medicine for a long time without consulting can also cause harm. 13. Consuming more tea, cold drinks, sweets and sugar.

symptoms of diabetes

There are many symptoms of sugar, out of which the main symptoms are being mentioned here. If any person sees most of these symptoms, then immediately go to the doctor and get the test done.

    • overeating
    • kidney failure
    • Passing urine frequently .
    • excessive thirst for water
    • loss of vision
    • patient weight loss
    • weakness in body
    • slow healing of wounds
    • itchy sores on hands and feet
    • Skin infections and frequent eruptions on the skin

Answers to all questions related to sugar (diabetes)

But if you are suffering from diabetes, then you have to take special care of some things, in this article, know the answers to all your questions (sugar me kya khana chahiye) which are related to diabetes and know the way to eliminate sugar: –

1) What should be eaten in the morning in sugar

Sugar level should be checked before and after eating anything in diabetes because some things can suddenly increase your sugar level . Let us know what are the things that you should consume on an empty stomach and what are their benefits. Consumption of these things will not only keep you healthy, but will also keep sugar under control. 

  • Jamun or Jamun juice – Increases insulin production and speeds up metabolism. This keeps the sugar level under control
  • Papaya- being rich in fiber, cleanses the stomach.
  • Sprouted fenugreek seeds- Eating sprouted fenugreek seeds gives special benefits. You can eat it in the form of salad or you can add it to breakfast, it will give relief in constipation and sugar will also be under control.  
  • Cinnamon Tea – An element called polyphenolics is found which controls fasting sugar.
  • Curry leaves – Activates insulin, which helps in the digestion of sugar. It is also known as sweet neem. 

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2) What should be eaten to eliminate sugar from the root

To eliminate sugar from the root, try these measures along with  these regular exercises , surely your sugar level will be under control.

  • Yoga and Pranayama are very important. Must do Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom for ten to fifteen minutes. Along with this, do jogging daily. Don’t let obesity grow.
  • To eliminate it from the root, stop consuming sweet fruits. Instead of this, eat papaya, guava, berries. 
  • The use of sprouted fenugreek seeds is very effective in eliminating sugar from the root. 
  • Mix seven flowers of evergreen and seven neem leaves along with bitter gourd, cucumber and tomato and drink the juice. 
  • Soak the kernels of jambule, absinthe and kalmegh in the night and consume its water on an empty stomach in the morning.  

3) What should be avoided in diabetes

The most important thing to keep in mind in the treatment of diabetes is your lifestyle, that is, your daily routine, because diabetes is a lifestyle disease caused by wrong eating habits and lack of exercise. That’s why special diet has to be kept in food, let’s know :-

  • Keep a fixed time to eat and do not starve. 
  • Avoid sweet products like sweets, sweet fruits, sweet tea etc. Even if you have to eat, eat only in small quantities.
  • Avoid fasting , fasting etc. 
  • Must use salad in food.
  • Immediately say goodbye to alcohol and any other type of intoxication.
  • Junk food, canned products are all high in calories which increase the sugar level by reducing insulin in the body, so avoid them as much as possible.
  • Consumption of medicines without doctor’s advice, taking English medicines continuously etc. also make sugar uncontrollable. That’s why take doctor’s advice for long term medicine.

4) Can we eat jaggery in sugar

No, because jaggery is produced from sugarcane, which is a rich source of sugar. Consuming jaggery can be harmful for diabetics. Although jaggery is used in many diseases as compared to sugar, but its consumption is not beneficial for sugar patients.   

5) What should a sugar patient eat for strength?

Diabetes makes a person physically weak, but if attention is paid to food, nutrients are included and enough exercise is done, then there is no such problem. Then let us tell about some things which will give you strength- 

  • Consumption of curd provides nutrition of calcium, protein and vitamin D to the body and protects against type 2 diabetes, cholesterol. 
  • Green vegetables like spinach, bathua, fenugreek, ridge gourd etc. are beneficial for sugar patients. 
  • Linseed seeds should be roasted (roasted in a pan) and eaten. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and improves digestion.

6) How much water should a diabetic patient drink?

Diabetics should consume more water, because sugar patients have more calories, due to which water requirement is also more. Drinking enough water keeps blood sugar under control. You must drink about 10 to 12 glasses of water in a day. 

7) Can we drink lemon water with sugar?

Yes, lemon lowers the blood sugar level. Therefore, instead of cold drinks, sweet drinks, you can take lemon water in the form of liquid. 

8) What should be the sugar at the age of 40

After a certain age, there is a change in the sugar level of the body. If a person is above 40 or above, then fasting sugar level of 90 to 130 mg/dL, less than 140 mg/dl after morning meal and less than 150 mg/dl after evening meal is considered normal. . 

9) Minimum amount of sugar should be

In fact, the normal level of sugar varies according to age. Still, if you are on an empty stomach, your blood sugar level should be between 70-100 mg/dl, but if this level is 100-126 mg/dl, then these are pre-diabetes symptoms, you should be cautious. If the sugar level reaches more than 130 mg/dl then you need medical advice.

10) What is the harm due to low sugar

If the blood sugar level goes below 70 mg/dL then it is considered as low sugar level. Weakness is felt and if the symptoms are ignored, a seizure may also occur. If the treatment of low blood sugar is not received on time, the patient can go into a coma-like state. That’s why sugar patients must do regular sugar test.

11) What are the symptoms of low sugar level

  • Continuous severe headache starts.
  • Trembling in the body, weakness, dizziness, feeling hungry, irritability etc. are also the symptoms of low sugar level. 
  • The heart beat suddenly starts getting faster.
  • If there is yellowing of the skin, sweating and sudden weakness, see the doctor immediately.  

12) Why sugar comes more on empty stomach

When you wake up at night, insulin production is high due to the control of certain hormones throughout the night, which can lead to high sugar levels in the morning. However , patients with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have high sugar levels.