Overseas Syrup & Tablet uses in hindi (Retain)

overseas tablet uses in hindi

Retain (Overseas) InformationOverseas Syrup & Tablet uses in hindi (Retain)

Retain (Overseas) is a prescription drug, which is available in the form of tablet medicines from medical stores. It is mainly used to treat female infertility, hormone imbalance. This medicine Retain (Overseas) can also be used for other conditions, which are listed below.

overseas tablet uses in hindi

The dosage of Retain (Overseas) is given as per the age, gender and past health information of the patient. Its exact dosage also depends on what is the main problem of the patient and in what way the medicine is being given to him. Read on in the dosage section to learn more about this.

There may be some side effects of Retain (Overseas) such as back pain, increased glucose level, etc. Apart from these side effects, there are some other side effects of Retain (Overseas), which are discussed below. These side effects of Retain (Overseas) usually do not last long and go away on their own once the treatment is over. Talk to your doctor if these side effects get worse or last longer.

Apart from this, the effect of Retain (Overseas) during pregnancy is moderate and the effect is moderate for lactating mothers. The effects of Retain (Overseas) on the liver, heart, and kidneys are described below.

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Retain (Overseas) is not recommended if you have any pre-existing conditions like liver disease, breast cancer, cervical cancer as it can cause side effects. In addition to these, if you have any of the problems listed in the section below, do not take Retain (Overseas).

Taking Retain (Overseas) with certain medicines can cause serious problems. For complete details see the information given below.

Along with all the above information, also note that it is safe to take Retain (Overseas) medicine while driving. Also keep in mind that this drug can be addictive.

Overseas Syrup & Tablet uses in hindi (Retain)


Retain (Overseas) can have side effects for pregnant women. If pregnant women experience side effects of Retain (Overseas), stop taking it immediately and only after consulting a doctor.

medium Is the use of Retain (Overseas) safe during breastfeeding? Breastfeeding women can have side effects of taking Retain (Overseas). If you feel the same adverse effect, then do not consume the medicine and definitely talk to the doctor about it.

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medium What is the effect of Retain (Overseas) on the Kidneys? We can use Retain (Overseas), because its side effects are very less. mild What is the effect of Retain (Overseas) on the liver? You may experience adverse effects of Retain (Overseas) on your liver. In this case,

discontinue the medication immediately and resume only after consulting a physician. medium What is the effect of Retain (Overseas) on the Heart? In rare cases, Retain (Overseas) has adverse effects on the heart. But this effect is very less, which does not cause any problem. mild