Naxdom 500 Tablet uses in hindi Under what circumstances is it used

Naxdom 500 Tablet uses in hindi Under what circumstances is it used

Naxdom Information

Naxdom is a prescription drug, which is available in the form of tablet medicines from medical stores. Apart from this, Naxdom can also be used for some other problems. Detailed information about them is given below.

The dosage of Naxdom is given as per the age, gender and previous health information of the patient. Its dosage is also based on the patient’s problem and the method of giving the medicine. Read on in the dosage section to learn more about this.

A few side effects commonly observed with Naxdom are belching, bruising or discoloration, dry mouth. In some cases some other side effects of Naxdom may also be observed which are mentioned below. Such side effects of Naxdom usually do not last long and go away on their own once the treatment is completed. However, if these problems persist for a long time, contact your doctor immediately.


It is also important to know that the effect of Naxdom is moderate for pregnant women and moderate for lactating women. Here it is important to know whether Naxdom has any effect on kidney, liver or heart. Such side-effects, if any, are listed in the warnings section on Naxdom.

Naxdom is not recommended if you have a pre-existing condition such as kidney disease, asthma, liver disease, as these can lead to side-effects. There are other such problems as well, which are discussed below in living. If you have any of these problems, do not take Naxdom.

Taking Naxdom along with certain other drugs can cause serious reactions in the body. A complete list of such drugs is given later in this article.

In addition to all the above information, keep in mind that it is unsafe to take Naxdom medicine while driving. Also note that this drug is not addictive.

Naxdom Dosage & How to Take

This is the dose of Naxdom given in most cases. Please remember that every patient and their case may be different. Hence, the dose of Naxdom may vary depending on the disease, mode of administration of medicine, age of the patient, medical history of the patient and other factors.

Naxdom Related Warnings
Is the use of Naxdom safe for pregnant women?

Naxdom can have side effects for pregnant women. Therefore, it is necessary to get complete information about the medicine from the doctor before taking it.

Is the use of Naxdom safe during breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding women can have some side effects of using Naxdom. If you feel the same adverse effect, then do not consume the medicine and definitely talk to the doctor about it.

What is the effect of Naxdom on the Kidneys?

Naxdom can affect the kidneys. If you also feel side effects from the medicine, then stop taking the medicine immediately. Take it again only after consulting a doctor.

What is the effect of Naxdom on the liver?

You may experience side effects of Naxdom on your liver, in this case, stop the medicine immediately and restart it only after consulting a doctor.

What is the effect of Naxdom on the Heart?

There is no side effect of Naxdom on heart.