Naprosyn Tablet Uses In Hindi Naproxen 500 mg Tabletjankari

naprosyn tablet uses in hindi

Naprosyn Tablet Uses In Hindi Naproxen 500 mg Tabletjankari


Hello friends, today in this article we are going to give you information about Naprosyn tablet, Naprosyn tablet is a medicine prescribed by the doctor, which is available in the form of suspension, tablet medicines from the medical store, so in this article you will find Naprosyn tablet. If you give all the information about the benefits, uses, side effects, then stay in the article.
naprosyn uses in hindi

naprosyn tablet uses in hindi
Naprosyn Tablet Information- Naprosyn Tablet Information-

Naprosyn tablet is a pain reliever, medicine used for inflammation etc. And it is easily available in medical you can get Naprosyn tablet for 250 /500 /275mg Naprosyn tablet 500mg price is ₹ 60 /15 tablet ! Naprosyn tablet prevents the growth of those chemicals which are responsible for swelling, pain, fever etc. in the body, it is a good pain reliever medicine. Rpg Life Sciences Ltd comes to you in the name of Naprosyn and you get to see it in generic form too!

Ingredients of Naprosyn Tablet – Naprosyn Tablet Active Ingredients In

Naprosyn Tablet Benefits & Uses
fever, headache
joint pain, muscle pain
Osteoarthritis, Gout
Knee pain, wrist pain
Leg pain, Chikungunya
Bursitis, back pain
slip disc, leg pain
sciatica, ankle fracture
Fracture, chest fracture
Collar bone fracture, elbow fracture
Eye socket fracture, finger fracture
Fracture in leg, Fracture in lower arm
Hand fracture, hip fracture
Jaw fracture, lower leg fracture
Nasal fracture, rib fracture (jaw fracture, lower leg fracture)
in all fractures
Sprain, heel pain
Testicular pain, tendon injury
shoulder dislocation, finger injury
Migraine, cervical pain
Bone pain, rib swelling
leg bone enlargement
Spinal fracture, rib pain
Spinal cord pain
pinching nerves

Naprosyn Tablet side effects, side effects and side effects – Naprosyn

  • Tablet Side Effects
  • Nausea
  • Vomit
  • Burning in the chest
  • ringing in ear
  • gas (acidity)

Naprosyn Tablet Dosage & How To Take

Remember that every patient and their case may be different. Hence, the dose of Naprosyn may vary depending on the disease, mode of administration, age of the patient, medical history of the patient and other factors.
Usual dosage -adult (250 -500 after 2 meals a day)
child (over 2 years old)-6 mg /kg

Naprosyn Tablet Severe Interaction With Other Drugs In English-


  • Warfarin
  • Ketorolac
  • Ramipril
  • Prednisolone
  • Amikacin
  • Amlodipine, Atorvastatin


Naprosyn Tablet Contraindications – Naprosyn Tablet Contraindications

If you have any of these diseases, then you can take Naprosyn even if you are suffering from these diseases, if your doctor thinks it appropriate –
Respiratory disease
In pregnancy
In children younger than 2 years
Kidney disease
peptic ulcer