Mala D Tablet uses in english Mala D Tablet price online

Mala D Tablet uses in english Mala D Tablet price online


Mala D Tablet in hindi | जानें माला डी टैबलेट की जानकारी,Mala D Tablet in Hindi – माला डी टैबलेट की जानकारी,Mala D: माला डी क्या है? जानिए इसके उपयोग ,माला डी टैबलेट के फायदे एवं नुकसान ,माला डी क्या है?, Mala D Tablet Uses In Hindi,माला डी टैबलेट के उपयोग एवं साइड इफ़ेक्ट्स,Mala D Tablet in hindi | Know Mala D Tablet information,
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Mala D Tablet in hindi | जानें माला डी टैबलेट की जानकारी

Hello friends, today in this article I am going to give you information about Mala D Tablet, it is a contraceptive pill which is very cheap, in this article of Mala D I will give you information about how to use Mala D medicine, what are the benefits This is Mala D Tablet, how and when to use Mala D medicine, you are going to give all the information in this article, so the blogs should be complete.

mala d ke interactions

What is Mala D – What is Mala D In Hindi-
Mala D is a birth control pill and Mala D Tablet is a drug prescribed by the doctor, available in tablet form from medical stores. This medicine is very cheap, the quantity comes in 1 circle of 5 form i.e. for 1 month. These women do not conceive or those who want to keep the difference in their children, they use Mala D, there are 28 tablets (21 contraceptive pills (white) and 07 iron pills), this medicine is given to you in the government hospital in the name of Mala N. Meets with!

How Mala D Works – How Does Mala D Work In Hindi-

Mala D medicine prevents the exit of the woman’s ovaries, due to which fertilization is not known or else it makes a protective shield from the outside of the ovary, so that conception is not known.

Ingredients of Mala D Tablet – Mala D Tablet Active Ingredients in Hindi-


  • Levonorgestrel (0.15 mg)
  • Ethinyl Estradiol (0.3 mg)
  • Ferrous Fumarate (iron)

Mala D Tablet Benefits & Uses

to avoid pregnancyto differentiate between children

How And When To Start Mala D Tablet -How And When To Start Mala D Tablet-

Always start taking Mala D Tablet from the 5th day of menstruation.
To take Mala D Tablet, start arrow should be made in this medicine, look at the back of the medicine as arrow is made, keep taking it.
Mala D Tablet is always taken 1 time a day, fix it for 1 time daily and use it at the same time, it would be better after dinner or before sleeping!


In the pack of Mala D, you get 28 pills, of which 21 are white and 07 brown, so always take the medicine whole, no one should leave!
Periods will be correct by taking brown pill, do not stop the medicine during this time!
Keep taking Mala D medicine properly whether you have period or not, do not stop in between!
As soon as 28 bullets are exhausted in Mala D, then again follow the same thing which is mentioned above!

If you want to conceive, stop the medicine.


What to do if you ever forget to take Mala D Tablet -What To Do If You Ever Forget To Take Mala D Tablet-
If you ever forget to take medicine, then take it immediately if you remember.
Suppose you forgot to take a pill at night, then if you remember it in the morning, take the medicine and also take the dose of that day at night.
If you forget to take medicine for a long time, then adopt other methods of contraception too!

What are the health benefits of Mala D Tablet -What Are The Further Benefits Of Mala D Tablet-
Pain in menstruation is reduced by the use of Mala D medicine.
With the use of Mala D, menstruation starts properly or bleeding starts.
Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Prevention!

Mala D Tablet Side Effects

Tightness in the breasts for the first 1 -2 months
headache, nausea
high blood pressure, heart failure
These side effects happen for some time and after some time they get right on their own.

When Not To Use Mala D Tablet-

When to get pregnant or want to conceive!
When the period is not at the right time!
Women feeding milk to a baby below 6 months of age!
Sugar disease, heart failure, liver disease, or jaundice occurring in 6 months of pride!
in cancer

If you smoke, have migraine, epilepsy, skin disease, etc., do not take it or use it only after information from the doctor!
If you have used it more than 5 then take information from the doctor!
Before taking a woman above 40 years of age, definitely take information from the doctor!

When To Consult A Doctor After Use Mala D Tablet-
After taking the medicine, consult a doctor every 12 months!
If you have taken 2 packs continuously, then your period is not right, then see the doctor!
If the damage lasts for a long time, which has been mentioned above, then see the doctor!