Livgood Syrup Uses in hindi

Livgood DS Syrup

Livgood Syrup Uses in hindi


Livgood DS Syrup, Packaging: 200 mL

लिवगुड डीएस सिरप, पैकेजिंग: 200 मिलीलीटर
Livgood DS Syrup

Livtec Syrup helps in treating liver disease. It can also be used as a complementary medicine to treat chronic inflammatory diseases such as cirrhosis liver toxicity and liver damage.

Side effects associated with using this drug are rare. Some very minor allergic reactions include diarrhea, bloated feeling, skin rash, abdominal pain, dizziness, and itching. However, remember to consult your doctor immediately if you experience any side effects that Perpetuates or causes discomfort.

Before using this medicine inform your doctor if you have:

Allergy to any food or syrup or substance
Patient age is less than 18 years
any hormonal disorder
taking any prescription or nonprescription drugs
Are pregnant or planning to become pregnant or are nursing a child.
The dosage for this medication should ideally be prescribed by your supervising physician based on your age, overall medical history and current condition.

Remember, the missed dose is not to be skipped. You can just skip the missed dose if it is the time for your next scheduled dose. In case of overdose, consult your doctor immediately.