Unwanted kit 72 Tablet Uses कैसे खाई जाती है अनवांटेड किट टैबलेट

Unwanted kit 72 Tablet Uses कैसे खाई जाती है अनवांटेड किट टैबलेट

Unwanted 72: What is Unwanted 72? Know its uses and side

Unwanted 72: What is Unwanted 72? Know its uses and side
How does Unwanted 72 work?Unwanted 72 works to prevent unwanted pregnancy. If a woman does not want to get pregnant after sex, then she can use unwanted 72 contraceptive pill. By using the pill within a few hours of unprotected sex, the problem of unwanted pregnancy can be avoided. The possibility of pregnancy can be prevented to a great extent by using the pill. Unwanted 72 is also called hormonal tablet because this tablet contains progestin hormone which works to prevent pregnancy. Using this medicine should be done within 72 hours of unprotected


A doctor’s advice must be taken before using Unwanted 72. Various changes also occur in the body after taking this pill. A woman should be ready for such changes. If you have not taken any kind of precautions within 72 hours of unprotected sex, then it is better to consult a doctor about this. Unsafe sex means having sex without using a condom or having sex without the use of other contraception, due to which there is a risk of unwanted pregnancy. After using condoms many times, even if the condom is ruptured, there is a risk of unwanted pregnancy, in such a situation, the doctor can advise the use of medicine.


What is the chemical composition of the drug?

This medicine mainly contains Levonorgestrel as the main ingredient. Levonorgestrel is hormonal drug which is oral contraceptive pill. One strip of Unwanted 72 contains one medicine. One medicine contains 0.75 mg of levonorgestrel. The medicine should be used only after consulting a doctor.


What is the usual dosage of Unwanted 72?

Unwanted 72 is used in tablet form. If any woman has had unprotected sex then she should take a pill or tablet of Unwanted 72 within 72 hours of sex. If you are using two product tablets of levonorgestrel, take the first tablet within 72 hours and the second tablet after 12 hours. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have ever had unprotected sex, first of all consult a doctor and only then take medicine. Do not take medicine without doctor’s advice.

The use of the drug does not lead to the release of the egg from the ovary. For this reason, the egg cannot be fertilized by the sperm. Uterus lining changes with the use of the drug. One thing to keep in mind is that by using Unwanted 72, the risk of unwanted pregnancy is averted, but the risk of infectious diseases such as HIV or AIDS is not averted. Using this medicine does not cure sexually transmitted diseases.


An overdose of Unwanted 72 can lead to dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain. On the other hand, the chances of pregnancy increase if the medicine is not used. In order not to overdose the medicine, it is better that you get information about this from the doctor before taking the medicine. A missed dose of the medicine increases the chances of pregnancy, so it is better not to forget to consult a doctor after unprotected sex.



How should I use Unwanted 72?

Unwanted 72 is used in the case of birth control failure or in case of unprotected sex. This medicine is called emergency contraceptive pills and cannot be used regularly like birth control pills are used. This is a progestin hormone, which works to prevent the release of eggs. Also, this medicine works by thickening the vaginal fluid so that the sperm cannot reach the egg. It was also found that the effect of such drugs is less on women who weigh more than 74 kg. For more information about this, definitely ask your doctor, use the medicine only after consulting him.

May be heavy bleeding

To avoid unwanted pregnancy, take one tablet of Unwanted 72 with the help of water. The medicine can be taken at any time before or after food. It is better to take the medicine as soon as possible so that unwanted pregnancy can be avoided. Unwanted 72 is safe for 3 days after sex. After that there are chances of the effect of the medicine getting reduced. If you vomit after two hours of taking the medicine, then it is better to consult your doctor about this. After taking medicine, pay attention to when your periods are starting and how much bleeding is happening. There is a possibility of more bleeding or longer periods after taking medicine. If you are seeing any serious medical problem, then it is better to contact your doctor at once.




side effects

What are the side effects of unwanted 72?

Side effects can also appear after taking unwanted 72. If you have unwanted 72 lane

If necessary, talk to the doctor first about this. Tell the doctor when you had unprotected sex. Take the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Repeated consumption of Unwanted 72 can be fatal. Doctors do not recommend taking this medicine more than twice a month. You may experience some side effects after consuming the medicine. Know what are the side effects of taking Unvandate 72.


Heavy bleeding during periods.

  • Spotting problem due to heavy bleeding
  • Nausea
  • vomiting
  • fatigue problem
  • headache problem
  • Dizziness
  • breast pain
  • mood swings problem


If you experience severe pain in lower abdomen after some time of taking Unwanted 72, consult a doctor immediately. Some people may face more problems after taking this medicine, as different side effects may appear after the drug enters the body of each one.


Precautions and warnings

What are some things to be aware of before taking Unwanted 72?
Unwanted 72 should not be consumed in excess. Whenever there is a need for unwanted 72, definitely ask the doctor about it.
Do not consume more than the dosage of Unwanted 72 prescribed by the doctor.
Make sure to read the label carefully before consuming Unwanted 72.
Keep the medicine out of reach of children.
The medicine can be taken at the time of breastfeeding, but do consult the doctor once about this.
If your periods are getting delayed after taking unwanted 72, then definitely do a pregnancy test with the help of a pregnancy kit.
Keep one thing in mind that Unwanted 72 is an emergency pill, don’t forget to use it as a regular birth control pill.
After taking Unwanted 72, definitely take information from the doctor about how to use contraception for safe sex. If you do not have information about this, then it is better to get information about this from the doctor once and then use medicine.
In most cases, taking unwanted 72 does not have any adverse effect on health, but health problems can be faced due to any kind of disease.

women with cancer
drug use in pregnancy
history of breast cancer
having arthritic disease
liver disease problem
genetic abnormality


What other medicines can interact with Unwanted 72?
Unwanted 72 may interact with your current medicines or change the way the medicine works. You may be more likely to have serious side effects when this happens. There can be a reaction when taking the composition of these medicines with Unwanted 72. If you have any kind of health condition, or if you are already taking any medicine, then first consult a doctor about this and then take Unwanted 72. It is very important for you to know that Unwanted 72 can react with which chemical compound.


How do I store Unwanted 72?

The easiest way to store Unwanted 72 is by keeping it at room temperature. Protect it from sunlight (direct rays of the sun) and moisture. Instructions for storing the medicine are given in the packet of Unwanted 72. It is better that you read the given instructions carefully. Make sure to check the expiry date of the medicine before using it. If you have accidentally received a medicine with an expiry date, report it immediately. Use a container to store the medicine. Protect medicine from overheating. Also keep the medicine out of reach of children.


Keep the medicine out of reach of children as well as animals. If the medicine is of no use to you and the medicine is expired, do not throw it in the garbage but return it to the chemist. Also make sure that the container you are using to handle the medicine can be opened by children. If yes, then definitely use a tight container. Unwanted 72 is available in the drug market in tablet form.

If you want more information about unwanted 72 then it is better to consult doctor once.