Phlebo App यूज कैसे करें How to use Phlebo App

Phlebo App यूज कैसे करें How to use Phlebo App


How to use Phlebo App

What is Udaan App and how to use Udaan is a very popular app which is used by crores of people, with the help of which you can buy and sell any item, but many people are not aware about what is Udaan App and how to use it.

In today’s time, there are many such options on the Internet, with the help of which you can expand your business rapidly and Udaan App is also one of the popular platform which gives users the power of digitization to grow their business. .

Udaan App kya hai jankari hindi

Actually, it is the best platform to provide one type of online business, where both the merchant and the customer can transact the product on the same platform, so the UDAN platform is also considered as a platform to connect the customer and the merchant.

Today we are going to provide you all kinds of information about what is Udaan App and how to use it, as well as how to buy and bench on Udaan App, so if you are a businessman then you should read this article completely.


What is Udaan App

UDAAN is a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform designed to solve business problems for small, medium and large businesses in India. It brings together one-of-a-kind retail manufacturers, brands, vendors and businesses and empowers users with the power of digitization to grow their business.

With Udaan App, you can do online shopping and also if you are a retailer then you 

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Through the Udaan App, traders can easily reach the buyers and sellers of the whole country. This company provides various types of products to its consumer such as electronic products, clothing, footwear, food items and pulses, home and kitchen products and other daily products of use

It is becoming one of the most successful e-commerce company and is attracting a lot of investors and it was also introduced in the unicorn group of startups and it is the fastest startup in India with a value of more than 1 billion dollars. Is.

How to Download Udaan App

This app is available for both Android and iOS users and if you are an Android user then you can easily download this app from Google Play store or follow the steps given below.

Step-1 Open Google Play Store in your mobile phone or click on below button.

App Download

Step-2 Now you see UDAAN App

Step-3 Click on Install button and grant required permissions.

How to Create Account on UDAAN App
Step-1 First of all open UDAN app and click on login button.

Step-2 will now show the terms and conditions (read all the terms and conditions for your certainty) and accept the terms and conditions.

Step-3 You will have to enter your mobile number on which an OTP will be sent.

Step-4 Enter the correct OTP and then you will be redirected to the Enter ACCOUNT details page.

Step-5 Now give all your important details like shop details, own details etc. correctly.

Step-6 Here you also have to upload many important documents in the UDAN application like your own photo, bank diary, aadhar card, pan card, gst number etc.

Step-7 After creating the account if you are a seller then you have to complete your KYC and verify all your required documents on the portal itself.

Step-8 After completing your registration and KYC you can easily buy and sell products on the portal.

How to use UDAAN App

Step-1 First of all choose the category of products you want to buy.

Step-2 Now select the location button and select the permission option.

Step-3 Now Wheeler Discount, Find Other Discounts & Compare Prices.

Step-4 Select the one you want to buy and choose the payment option.

Step-5 Now you can easily make payment through various means.

How to Sell Goods on Udaan App
When your fulfillment account on Udaan is verified and ready, after that you are given the option to add your products, follow these steps to sell luggage on the Udaan application.

1. Open your Udaan account and add the product to it.

2. While adding the product, fill all the information about the product in the description.

3. Enter the price of the product along with giving the information provided in the description, if you want to give a discount, then enter the price by giving a discount.

4. Once you have added the product completely, the on-flight visitors can analyze and select those products.

5. When the customer likes your product, then the customer can also call you and you can talk to the consumer on the call and give complete information about the product.

6. When the customer buys your product, the employee of Udaan comes to your shop and packs that product and delivers it to the customer’s home.
7. After the delivery of the product at the customer’s home, the money is credited to your account via flight within 7 days.

Features of UDAAN App
It provides the convenience of secure payments and hassle-free trading.

-It brands for retailers and businesses

Access to new areas and customers for manufacturers, marketing and sales support as your business expands.

-It provides customers and products in multiple categories.

It gives option to chat with sellers and interested buyers to do business directly.

BUY AND SELL From here you can buy and sell the same if you want to buy or post an item, if you want to sell or want to add details then this facility is provided.

GROW Udaan It provides access to new markets for buyers and sellers across India with a fast, low cost, low wastage, highly reliable shipping and delivery system that helps sellers and buyers to grow their business .

DISCOVER This business can reach out to buyers and sellers all over the country and facilitates convenient transactions by offering retailers low and best prices, good quality and best selection.

CONNECT Udaan It enables direct connect between buyers and sellers and allows live conversations in the language of your choice through the chat feature KK.

Benefits of using Udaan App
Udaan is an online platform where people can grow their business and it is very easy for the customers to buy the product. There are many advantages of using this online platform which are as follows.

1. The merchant can easily increase his business and promote his product.

2. Udaan is a reliable platform for businessmen to do business.

3. Udaan is also known to be a reliable platform for the customers to buy the product.

4. You can order from home online and the product is delivered to your doorstep.

5. Merchants can easily sell the product by creating their account in flight.

6. Facility to return within 30 days is available after customers buy the product from Udaan.

7. After selling the product from Udaan App, money is guaranteed for Udaan application.

8. After 7 days after your product is sold, money is sent to your account by flight.

9. With the help of Udaan App, you can take your business online.

10. Udaan is considered to be a type of online business where there are thousands of customers, so merchants get customers very easily.


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So friends, we have tried our best to provide you all the information about Udaan App, by which you must have got a better understanding about this app and now you can easily use this app.

We hope that what is Udaan App and how to buy goods from Udaan App as well as how to earn money from it, you must have got all such information after reading this article, so if you like this article of ours, then give it to your friends. Share the need with friends so that they also get to drink it.

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