Dengue Diet: In case of dengue, include these 5 things in the diet, platelets will increase and you will get relief soon

Dengue Diet: In case of dengue, include these 5 things in the diet, platelets will increase and you will get relief soon

Chikungunya virus can be very dangerous. And after having this fever, it hurts a lot. But, they say, caution is the only defense. Therefore, before the disease attacks you, you should eliminate it from the root, that is, by taking care of some important things, we should keep this disease away.

A person spraying smoke to kill a mosquito, no one wants to be in the shadow of disease in or around his house. Everyone wants to lead a happy life. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that all possible measures should be adopted to remove the diseases. As the seasons change, new diseases start to grow.

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For which one should be prepared in advance and not be treated after the disease comes. At present, epidemics like dengue and chikungunya are prevalent. No one would like to fall prey to these dreadful diseases. Chikungunya viral can be prevented by taking some precautions.

How to avoid Chikungunya virus?

Pyrethrum solution should be sprayed in homes. Also, spraying of malathion should be done in the surrounding area.
To prevent breeding of female Aedes, it is important to keep your house and surroundings clean.
Keep the lids of water tanks and utensils tightly closed. And either destroy the waste items, such as utensils, tyres, coconut husks etc. or do not allow water to accumulate in them.

Clean and dry the cooler, other water storage things once a week. If this is not possible, then once a week use kerosene, insecticide etc.
The environment around you should be hygienic. The room should be open ventilated but there are no mosquitoes around.
If there are pets in the house, change their drinking water from time to time.
To protect against mosquitoes, sleep with a mosquito net.
The Aedes mosquito bites mostly during the day, so keep your body covered. It would be better if you wear a full sleeve shirt.

What should a patient suffering from Chikungunya do?

Apart from keeping the surroundings and the house clean, the patient should also pay great attention to his cleanliness.
Take complete bed rest after detection of chikungunya viral.
Follow the advice of the doctor, if the doctor asks to do light exercise, then do it too.
Along with a healthy diet, take vitamin ‘C’ and protein and use high-calorie food.
Extra care is needed during Chikungunya.
In such a situation, it is very important to have positive thinking, whatever you eat, eat happily.
Keep the atmosphere of the house pleasant.