chikungunya is caused by which mosquito

chikungunya is caused by which mosquito



chikungunya is caused by which mosquito Chikungunya is a disease caused by mosquito bites. Whereas Chikungunya is most likely to occur in the monsoon season. If we talk about the symptoms of Chikungunya, then due to this disease, there is pain in the joints and muscles of the sufferer. Apart from this, there is also headache, fainting and restlessness. The thing to note is that due to this disease, the immunity of the body becomes very weak. In such a situation, let us know about the symptoms of Chikungunya and the ways to avoid it –

Chikungunya Symptoms

Chikungunya symptoms usually appear between 2 days to two weeks after the bite of an infected mosquito. At the same time, the symptoms of chikungunya are very similar to diseases like viral infection, malaria and dengue. Some of them are as follows-

1. High fever

One of the early symptoms of chikungunya is high fever. In fact, the fever of a person suffering from Chikungunya disease reaches from 102 degree Celsius to 104 degree Celsius. At the same time, this fever persists for more than a week.

2. Sharp pain in joints

Severe pain in the joints is a major symptom of chikungunya disease. Due to severe pain in the joints, the patient also has difficulty in movement of hands and feet. At the same time, this pain remains in the patient’s body for a long time. Some patients suffering from Chikungunya complain of joint pain as well as swelling.

3. Rashes or rashes on the skin of the body

Many patients suffering from chikungunya disease get rashes or rashes on their skin. Whereas these rashes are seen on the face, on the palm and on the thighs. However, some patients do not show these symptoms.

4. Other symptoms of chikungunya disease

Severe headache, muscle cramps and pain, feeling dizzy and vomiting are also common symptoms of Chikungunya disease. The thing to note is that if these symptoms are visible in a person, then immediately contact the doctor and get the blood test done from a good lab and get the report checked at the right place.

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Home Treatment of Chikungunya

  • There is no panacea medicine available for Chikungunya. In this case, take only the medicine recommended by the doctor.
  • Avoid self-medicating and do not consume any medicine without the advice of the doctor.
  • The thing to note is that there is no vaccine available for this virus.
  • Stay at home and rest as much as possible.
  • There is no complaint of de-hydration, so take maximum liquid.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. How long does the effect of Chikungunya last?

The main symptom of chikungunya is joint pain. On the other hand, the fever caused by Chikungunya lasts from two days to two weeks. However, many times the patient remains a victim of the effects of this disease from 6 months to 2 years. On the other hand, Chikungunya Virus weakens the body.

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2. What should be eaten in case of Chikungunya?

If a person has got Chikungunya, then he is advised to eat or drink things rich in Vitamin C, because Vitamin C has the ability to increase immunity and strengthen the digestive system. At the same time, coconut, soup and green vegetables can also be consumed.

3. What is the home remedy for Chikungunya?

Drinking coconut water is very beneficial in Chikungunya. Apart from this, papaya leaf juice mixed with water should be drunk in case of chikungunya.

4. Chikungunya test

There is an RT-PCR test for Chikungunya. At the same time, from 1 day after the onset of fever, Chikungunya test can be done anytime. For your information, let us tell you that once Chikungunya occurs, it becomes positive for one year.

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5. Chikungunya is caused by the bite of which mosquito?

Chikungunya is spread by the bite of a specific species of mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti. At the same time, German doctor Johann Wilhelm had identified this mosquito in 1818.

6. What is the difference between Dengue and Chikungunya?

Chikungunya is caused by the genus Alphavirus, while dengue is caused by the genus Flavivirus. At the same time, both diseases are caused by mosquito bites and the initial symptom is high fever. Also, with fever in dengue, the eyes become red and the color of the skin becomes light red.

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