atypical carcinoid lung tumor survival rate


atypical carcinoid lung tumor survival rate




atypical carcinoid lung tumor survival rate  Carcinoid tumor definition: Carcinoid tumor is also known as lung cancer, according to a research, most of the people die due to lung cancer. Carcinoid tumors tend to grow slowly, so some people may not have symptoms for many years, causing more discomfort later.

Causes of Lung Carcinoid

So far, there is no clear information about why lung carcinoid tumor occurs, but doctors believe that it happens when a cell makes some changes in its DNA, due to this change, the cells start growing, which Due to which the healthy cells of the body die due to which cancer arises. 

Apart from this, smoking is also the most common cause of lung cancer, according to doctors, smoking produces cells that damage the lungs, which causes the lungs to rot. Anyone who smokes a cigarette and inhales its smoke causes damage to the lungs.

Lung carcinoid tumor symptoms

Doctors say that it is a bit difficult to detect the symptoms of lung cancer and tumor, its symptoms are not detected for many months and they take possession of the lung completely. But if you pay attention, you can detect some of its symptoms like-

1. Bleeding from the mouth while coughing 

If a person is suffering from lung cancer disease then blood will come out of that person’s mouth while coughing, and if this symptom is ignored then there is a risk of hemoptysis. 

2. Chest pain

A person suffering from lung cancer always feels chest pain, this cancer starts spreading to other parts of the body over time. If you feel these symptoms for a long time, contact the doctor immediately, do not be negligent. 

3. Difficulty in breathing

If a person is suffering from lung cancer then he will always have difficulty in breathing. Lung cancer Some fluid around the lungs makes its place, due to which there is difficulty in breathing. Apart from this, the voice of the person suffering from lung cancer also changes and becomes heavy. 

Lung carcinoid tumor treatment

A person suffering from lung cancer does not know what has happened to him, so tell your doctor all the symptoms that you are feeling. After this, after examining the stage of your tumor, it is decided which method to adopt for treatment. Lung tumor can be treated in the following ways.

1. Radiation therapy

Lung carcinoid tumor radiology: Radiation therapy is very beneficial in the treatment of any type of cancer and tumor, it is considered a modern medical technique. Cancer is prevented from growing through this therapy. If you want to avoid operation or any type of surgery, then you can adopt this therapy.  

2. Chemotherapy

Lung tumors are also treated with chemotherapy, in this therapy medicines are given to prevent cancer cells from growing, and these medicines are used before surgery. 


In this condition the tumor is cut and removed but in this condition the victim becomes very weak. 

Questions about lung carcinoid tumor

There are many types of questions in people’s mind regarding Lung Carcinoid Tumor, so in this article, we are giving you answers to some of the questions below- 

1.Can non-smokers get lung cancer? 

Yes, smoking is the single most risk factor for lung cancer. But lung cancer also occurs in people who have never smoked. But lung carcinoid tumors have been found more in people who smoke. 

2. How common is lung cancer in women?

Lung cancer is more common in men, but women have also not been spared from this cancer. In some cases, cancer has also been found in the lungs of women. 

3. At what age does lung cancer occur?

There is no age of cancer in the lungs, but according to a research, the problem of lung carcinoid tumor has been seen more in people above 25 years. 

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