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6 Ways to Get Back to Sleep After a Disrupted Night’s

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6 Ways to Get Back to Sleep After a Disrupted Night’s Sleep – tabletjankari Sleep breaks many times in the night which is common. In fact, we lose sleep for 1 to 2 minutes every 2 hours. We do not remember the breakdown because it is for a very short time and our brain does not register this moment.

But if your sleep is disturbed by noise in the night and you are fully aware that you will not be able to sleep then it is a bit difficult. When this happens, we often roll over and fall asleep again. However, tossing and turning is also very confusing, especially when you can’t sleep.

What to do if you can’t sleep?

Next time you wake up at night, don’t waste time counting. You can try any one of the strategies listed below.

Let me know if you feel uncomfortable

It becomes difficult to fall asleep again if you feel uncomfortable after breaking your sleep. But you need to pay careful attention to why this happens to you and why you feel uncomfortable.

When you wake up, pay attention to your body for a while and ease yourself. If you feel hot or cold, make your bed accordingly and adjust the room temperature accordingly. If you are thirsty, drink something and come to the toilet when you urinate.

treat uncomfortable symptoms

Medical conditions such as pain, breathing problems, itching, or other discomfort can make it difficult for you to fall asleep again. Many types of mental health conditions such as depression or stress can also result in a poor night’s sleep.

stop watching the clock

When it becomes difficult to fall asleep again after breaking your sleep at night, stop repeatedly watching the clock. Stop doing the math on how many hours of sleep you’ll get. This is a normal behavior but do not make your problem more serious by this.

When sleep breaks at night, repeatedly looking at the clock can make you more worried, due to which you will have difficulty in relaxing and sleep will run away. Exposure to blue or green light emanating from the watch or phone also causes sleeplessness, so that you do not get sleep again.

It is better not to look at the time during sleepless night and turn the clock to the other side or turn off the phone.

try to relax

In this process, you can do exercises to relax the muscles, which will help in falling asleep. It involves relaxing several muscle groups at once.

Start with your feet, then your torso, then stretch the muscles of your arms and face. Stretch the muscles of different parts every five seconds.

get up if you can’t sleep

If your sleep breaks and you can’t sleep for 20 minutes, get up and do something you enjoy to relax. For example – read a kibbutz (but the light should not be too bright) or listen to soft music. Repeat this activity until you feel sleepy.

If you go back to bed and can’t fall asleep, get up again and repeat the activity. Repeat this process till you fall asleep.

Avoid changing sleeping pattern

Our body follows a cycle of sleep which is influenced by the routine we follow. This means that if you have a good sleep pattern, then if you do not sleep well one night, you will sleep better the next night.

After one night of sleeplessness, you refuse to sleep late the next morning or sleep during the day. It may be tempting to do so, but it can lead to long sleepless nights becoming a problem.